Business information

HIJD provides various support and
businesses centering on the exchange of technology
and human resources between India and Japan. 

Business Personnel Exchange
Host Company Support
Overseas Construction Research

Business Personnel Exchange

01Planning and Managing Events
(For: Japanese companies, Indian workers and students)

At HIJD, we plan new human resources,
personal connections,
and places that lead to introductions.

  • Business personnel networking
  • JOB Fair and support for job matching

02Business Manner Trainings (For: Indian workers and students)

HIJD provides and supports the skills of international students to work in Japanese companies, including conversations and non-verbal communication in the business scene.

  • Business manners and communication skills at workplaces in Japan
  • Business Japanese language skill
  • Business characteristics of Japanese smaller companies
  • Host Company Support

Advice on accepting foreign technical intern trainees
Pre-training before acceptance
Interpretation support at the time of acceptance (at the beginning of the training)
Support for accepting the successors (the new workers)
  • Overseas Construction Research

Researches on transportation infrastructure
Researches on construction markets of Asian regions
Translation of related papers


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