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The Role of HIJD

In Japan, many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are forced to go out of business including bankruptcy every year due to a shortage of successors and human resources. The shortage of competent engineers in Japanese SMEs has not been resolved even under the COVID-19 related crisis. Additionally, technological innovations such as digitalization will become more apparent near future. As a bridge between the two countries, HIJD supports the exchange of technology and labor that both countries require.


As a bridge between India and Japan

Houyuu India Japan Development (HIJD Co., Ltd.) was established with the desire to play a role as a bridge between the energetic and talented human resources of India and many small and medium-sized enterprises(SMEs) that support the foundation of the Japanese economy. The Chinese characters (kanji) of Houyuu Co., Ltd. means “a friend to make the area rich,” and it was the original aim of the business. We started with such desire to contribute to make the lives of local people rich. Since then, for nearly 30 years, we have accumulated many achievements in the fields of a wide range of civil engineering such as roads, water supply, and construction not only in Japan but also overseas. HIJD provide support through the exchange of technology and human resources in order for India and Japan to be able to contribute to mutual development, as they are “friends to make each other rich,”.


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